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Closed-cell rubber foam

Categoria: Foam
Tipologia: Foam rubbers
Gaskets for the industry, Vibration-dampers,
Gaskets for the construction sector

Main characteristics

Resistenza compressione
Resistenza temperatura
Resistenza UV
Carichi leggeri
Resistenza chimica

Pigomma offers Aerstop, a special closed-cell rubber foam made with synthetic elastomers. Pigomma offers Aerstop foam rubbers in sheets, rolls and shaped profiles, including in the adhesive version. Aerstop foam rubber is available in different shapes and dimensions, according to the specific requests of each customer.


Aerstop is a special rubber foam that ensures perfect hermetic seal under all conditions of use, which is the reason why it is applied in the main industrial and construction sectors. Thanks to its properties that make it resistant to water, dust, temperature and noise, Aerstop foam rubber is especially appreciated for its versatility and for the possibility to request customized dimensions and thickness.


  • Acoustic insulation
  • Resistance to pressure
  • Resistance under various thermal conditions
  • Autoestinguente
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Water resistance
  • Light loads
  • Chemical resistance


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