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Clear roofing

Lexan Exell D

Coextruded polycarbonate sheets with surface protection against UV rays on both sides, in the standards and to specifications versions.
The Exell D polycarbonate sheets are flexible and resistant transparent panels that are cold-bent at the time of installation in order to make their installation easier and ensure long service life. The Exell D polycarbonate sheets offer very high transparency, are yellowing-proof and stay beautiful over the course of the years, allowing considerable light to shine through. The Exell D polycarbonate sheets are guaranteed for a 10-year period against damages caused by atmospheric agents and breakage.

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Lexan Exell D IR

Standard and to specifications polycarbonate sheets.

These sheets are transparent, and provide excellent thermal insulation while letting the light shine through at the same time. These polycarbonate sheets absorb the heat of the sun but let the light shine through while blocking infrared rays. The sheets are available in the opaque version, or coloured slightly light blue or green. The Exell D IR polycarbonate sheets are also widely used in the automobile windshield production sector.

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Lexan Thermoclear® 5/9 walls

Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, standard or to specifications.

The Thermoclear wall sheets feature a beehive structure that ensures a low thermal K value, thanks to its 7 walls. The Thermoclear polycarbonate sheets are a perfect combination of lightness and efficiency. In fact, they are easy to install, collision-resistant and ensure excellent light transmission. The Thermoclear wall sheets are widely applied as greenhouse roofs, industrial roofs, skylights and walls.

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