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Interior cladding


Pigomma offers Dibond panels, made with a polyethylene core and two outer claddings in aluminium, painted on the surface with a polyester base.

Dibond panels are light, flat, easily workable using common “do-it-yourself” tools. Dibond panels are self-extinguishing and fall within fire resistance Class 1.

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Alucore cladding consists of is beehive aluminium panels. The cladding sheets are coupled to the core through a continuous procedure by means of viscoplastic film.

The main characteristic of Alucore panels is their resistance to de-lamination, 5 times stronger than a regular beehive structure. The properties of Alucore panels stay unchanged over time; the panels are light, stiff, fire resistance and completely recyclable. Alucore panels are kiln-painted with polyester on both sides, and they are suited for recoating, lamination and screen printing.

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The fonostile® system combines the exceptional technical performance of ETHAFOAM WHISPER® – which is also used under extreme conditions such as rifle ranges – to the pleasant appearance of DIBOND®, one of the materials most appreciated in the interior design sector. It is an innovative system of ceiling and wall panels, designed for the proper management of acoustics indoor. Its many advantages include extremely easy and fast laying, thanks to the presence of a handy coupling system that eliminates masonry or structural jobs.

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